Introducing Krasa

Introducing Krasa

Krasa is a San Francisco based digital Design and Development company. We specialize in designing and building fast, reliable, and sexy mobile apps, websites, and other digital experiences.

Our story

Krasa was founded in 2017 by husband-wife duo, Abe Clark and Lindsay Clark.

Abe and Lindsay had each been interested in technology for some time, but were pursuing different careers (Finance & Teaching). After moving to San Francisco in 2014, they began to be even more interested in technology.

In 2015, Abe left his job at J.P. Morgan to enroll in a coding bootcamp for ~4 months. He was excited to learn Ruby on Rails at the bootcamp and has gone on to learn Javascript, Python, and several other languages.

Lindsay, who had been earning a bachelor's degree while working as an art instructor and elementary school teacher, soon realized that she wanted to follow her passion for design. She purchased several design books, the Sketch app, and enrolled in online courses. Within weeks, it was apparent that Lindsay was going to become a fantastic designer.

In January of 2017, the couple decided to start a web and mobile development company, called Krasa.

What does Krasa mean?

Krāsa means 'color' in Latvian.

Abe lived in Latvia for two years while serving an LDS mission and fell in love with the people and culture.

One of Lindsay's favorite aspects of design is finding the right color palette to attract and engage users while keeping it asthetically pleasing.

The combination makes for a great company name, don't you think?

What types of services does Krasa offer?

Krasa is a full-service Design and Development shop.

We can handle a product from basic idea to polished, deployed application.

We also offer our services à la carte if that better matches your goals. Here are some of our services enumerated:

  • Wireframing / User flow diagramming
  • Hi-fidelity mocks & visual assets
  • Branding, logos, & color scheme
  • Static sites
  • Dynamic web apps with social login
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android)
Abe Clark
San Francisco, CA